Landing Page

Do you want a different page than your blog, to be the first page your readers see when they come to your WordPress site? Or maybe you are looking for a creative way to market a product or service… either way, try using a Landing Page! Landing pages can mean more than one thing. The traditional definition of a landing page would reference the page the visitor originally landed when clicking the inbound link to get to your website.


Reason #1: To Buy This Theme

With Affiliate Pro, you can showcase your impressive content while tastefully displaying your niche images and encouraging your readers to click through and shop your post. Because time = money. Plus, it’s down-right sexy.

Reason #2: To Buy This Theme

User experience is important to you. So, we’ve used the latest techniques to give you and your readers a delightful and life-giving experience. We develop with the highest degree of integrity and are continuously refining our code to be even better.

Reason #3: To Buy This Theme

Affiliate Pro is built on the Genesis framework and comes WooCommerce ready. Plus, we’re here for you every step of the way to ensure your installation and setup are painless.

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